Alternate Roots: Roots Fest 2011


Ground Root Inc worked with Alternate Roots, a national organization committed to using the arts for social change to conduct perhaps one of the most successful community arts engagement projects in West Baltimore; Roots Fest 2011. Over a three day period approximately 11,000 festival goers gathered on the green spaces, alongside the “Highway to Nowhere” to remember, heal, and celebrate their resilience.


Carver Vocational Technical High School


In efforts to revitalize a neighborhood and enhance community values, Carver has partnered with Ground Root Inc. As a whole we intend to rebuild Baltimore's underserved areas one neighborhood at a time.


Culture Works


Ground Root Inc collaborated with Culture Works, a community-driven grassroots social change organization in West Baltimore that used art and culture to transform communities. Morgan students planned and conducted focus groups with local artist.


Imagining America National Conference


Dr. Rowel led the effort to have Morgan co-sponsor a national conference held in Baltimore shortly after the uprising. Working in collaboration with the Theater, Music, Visual Arts, and architect and planning departments, a workshop entitled the “Fourth Wall” was conducted to illustrate how the arts can be used as a community engagement strategy.


Post-Performance Discussions with Morgan Fine Arts Department


Ground Root Inc in collaborated with Morgan’s Fine and Performing Arts to conduct post-performance discussions with audiences that attended two plays. More than 400 persons attended these events and participated in discussions focusing on health.



Ground Root is Bottom Up

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